Why is Marketing in Alaska Different?


Alaska vs. USA


We recently have taken on a client who had used an outside agency for all their digital marketing initiatives. Guess what we found, they were showing audiences palm trees in December and trying to pass it off as a normal Alaskan beach. It doesn’t look good for the business and it doesn’t instill a lot of confidence that the “local” family business can’t seem to talk like an Alaskan business.

Talk Like an Alaskan to Reach Alaskans

Regional dialect goes a long way to building a relationship which is why your communications, whether it’s an ad, a press release, or a piece of organic content, should sound like it was from home. You see, little things that go unnoticed from a copywriter in Florida can add up to a lot of problems when you try to re-purpose that same content half a world away.

When you’re trying to reach and audience use the real world to uphold your message. If it’s thrity below zero outside, mention it. If there is snow on the ground, call it out. If the state is going through a fiscal crisis, make it part of a sale. This is why it’s so important to keep your writers where your home is. Those little details add up to a lot when you’re building a relationship with a customer (which is what ALL your content, ads, posts, emails, etc. are trying to do).

Bring it Home

People like to know that they are doing business with people who are like-minded and share similar experiences. So if you’re currently farming out messaging needs across the Canadian border, find someone in the State who can give it that local flair. You’ll have a much stronger brand identity and all these other Alaskans who live here, will respect you more for it.

Remember, in the end all we do is trade time for attention. Give them something worth paying attention to.

Tyler Williams

Owner, Mammoth Marketing

Tyler has been working in the advertising industry for 15+ years at multiple agencies and through freelance. In 2015 he started Mammoth Marketing to help Alaskan
businesses navigate the ever increasingly complicated world of marketing.

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