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Be more Alaskan than the rest


People already know what MACS Transit is. We have already produced educational ads that inform them of the routes and where to find the information. Our next step was to make the local bus system stand out. To do that, we decided to take a comedic approach. With a dash of lunacy (but still not forgetting your core message) you can stick in the brains of the public. That’s what aimed to do here and it seems to have worked.


This ad has legs. Not just on TV, it has already been one of the most shared commercials we’ve had on Facebook and it’s only been a few days since we’ve posted it. We have to give MACS Transit credit for doing something incredible. They had courage.

On the surface this ad is ridiculous. We waste precious 30 seconds on a couple of jokes about beards and eagles and it looks irresponsible. Until you realize that they aren’t just jokes, they are gifts. If you give your audience something and respect their time, then you get attention in return. That’s the theory of comedic advertising.

It’s a scary position to put yourself in but it’s worth it. So the next time you have a chance to stand out, have the courage to do it.

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