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This whole blog post started as a video about customer relationships. If you want to hear it from Tyler himself, just click play over there.



Marketing is all about building a relationship from you to your customer. There are a billion tactics, strategies and platforms out there, you can use all of them and they’ll work a little. But if you’re not actively trying to build a relationship to your customer. You’re just as good to them as your nearest competitor.

Every customer has a need when they come to you. They are hoping that you’re helpful and that they will be taken care of. It’s baseline customer service.

And this philosophy of being helpful needs to extend to your marketing. Be a counselor, an advisor, and expert in whatever you do and people will come to you first. Because they trust you. Because you were willing to help them when they needed it. And not just for the sale….but because you genuinely care.

That mentality needs to filter down to your entire team, top to bottom. From the greeter at the door to the checkout counter.

If you want some tips, check out our website, in the blog you’ll find this video and a post with some actions you can take to help develop a longer lasting and deeper relationships with your customers.

As always, if you have marketing questions or need some help navigating the wooly world of advertising feel free to contact us.


    • Standardize the way customers are greeted when they interact with your business. This will provide a consistent experience. Remember, predictable is comfortable.
    • Send a thank you follow up. Whether it’s through snail mail, email or a text. Just take a small moment to thank the customer for choosing you.
    • Check in when they may need your help again. For instance, send them a note when they are due for their next oil change or haircut. Even better, schedule their appointment before they leave.
    • Send a once a year surprise gift. Send them a small gift or dollar amount to spend with you. Don’t tie it in with Christmas or any other holiday, just do it because you were thinking about them. Maybe try this on the anniversary of their first sale with you.
    • Birthday cards. It’s been around for years for a reason, it’s simple. It does mean that you need to collect their birthday date at some point. Some businesses will already have this information, if you do, use it.
    • Tips on how best to use your product. If they bought a suit, send them cleaning instructions. If they bought a shoe, tell them how they can keep the feet fresh. Wrap your contact with them in information they may not know.
    • Call them. Almost any business can do this. Ask them what they thought of your service, your product, and if they had any questions. They will glad to know you care and you will be glad for the feedback.
    • Special Private Events. Hold something special, just for them. A special sale or workshop that they can attend. If you’re a service business just offer it as a simple “get to know you”.

If you need some additional brainstorming for your business feel free to contact our office. We love helping our customers the same way you love helping yours.

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