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Here is an ad for a bagel shop that we spent a lot of time and effort creating. So what’s the point? Well, not everyone is going to advertise their bagels with such manufactured gusto and that’s why it’s great to be different.

So many clients come to us asking for what is a fairly predictable way to impart their message. Bagels & Brew came to us with a fresh idea for their few product. Let’s talk about why it’s effective.


Why You Need a Fresh Approach To Your Advertising

Let’s start with something we all know. TONS of advertising is ineffective and unmemorable. Cardinal sins when you’re paying for production + placement. Now, the underlying message isn’t where you need to stand out, because a bagel sandwich is still a bagel sandwich. What makes you memorable is HOW you talk about that glorious glutenous dish.

That’s why you always wrap your creativity around the core message. This means you’re communicating in a new, fresh angle that drives deep grooves into people’s brain, giving you that sweet, sweet top-of-mind-awareness. If you’re the first bagel shop someone things of for breakfast, you control the sale.

Local Advertising is Usually Bad Advertising

But it doesn’t HAVE to be. So many people settle for mundane and traditional. Do you get your message out there and does it result in sales? Yeah, sure. The question is, how many MORE sales could you have had if that message was actually sticky.

Again, it comes back to being worthy of people’s attention. If you’re interesting, you win.

Creative Is Your One Secret Weapon the Competition Can’t Re-Create

Truth. Your creative is so personal and flavored so much in you and who your business is, it’s wholly unique. Everyone can run a 25% off sale, everyone can create the same sandwich, but no one can be you. So lean into you and what your tastes are. Because it truly can separate you from everyone else.

Being creative is like being the friend that everyone had in class.

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