Using Social Media Holidays in Marketing Properly

Social media holidays are fantastic! They’re a great way to keep content vibrant, and a way to find something new. They’re especially helpful if you have a limited amount of products, or provide services that are important but might not seem interesting to the average bystander. Although you may be very excited about your product or service, the average social media user probably isn’t interested. The goal of social media marketing is to get them to want to contact you!


Using social media holidays can help! You can Google “national holidays today” to see if there is anything interesting that you can use to start the conversation on social media. Conversation is the important part here. When it comes to your analytics, engagement is important. That comes in the form of reactions (the “like” button), comments, shares, link clicks and messages. The people that like your page and react to your content are more likely to use or think or your product or service next time they’re in need.


You can, and there’s not a problem with that at all. Think of how social media is used, and how businesses weren’t really the original intended users. Social media is a method for people to stay connected to family and friends, and follow their interests. This can mean following a favorite racer, or a cute cat, or an impressive chef. What you need to do is find your voice and become more than a business to the people who follow you. (If you want to learn more about that click here.)


Once you know your voice, you can start connecting social media holidays to your business. But be careful! If you run a car shop, you really shouldn’t use “Fresh Scallops Day”. However you can still use days like “Boss’s Day” to celebrate the boss or “Knock Knock Joke Day” to talk about weird engine noises.


Why can’t you just run a radio ad and be done with it? Radio ads are great (same with TV, print flyers, mailers, and general Internet ads) however, running with just one channel of advertising isn’t very effective. If someone hears about you on the radio, they may want to check you out on your Facebook first to see your reviews and general personality. So maintaining an active page for people to see all of your services is important. Plus it’s great for top-of-mind awareness. If someone has liked your page, but hasn’t come into your business recently, they may start to forget about you. By regularly posting you will keep them from forgetting you, ensuring they’ll visit when they need you.

Agnes Eaker is the Social Media Strategist at Mammoth Marketing. She has grown up with technology and social media and is excited to use her lifelong learning and degree from UAF to best help business owners. She may love social media, but what she loves, even more, is analyzing new technology and all types of digital analytics. To learn more about Agnes and the Mammoth crew and what we can do for you, click here.

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