An Alaskan Business Needs to Reach an Alaskan Audience

You’re trying to grow a business.

It may be a small one but, chances are, it’s got potential. So you jump on the internet and read a bunch of blogs, consume a bunch of videos and feel like you’ve got it figured out. That’s good, but you need to remember one small thing, to take what you’ve learned and filter it through your reality.
You’re a local business, you’re brick and mortar, you have limited scope, limited customers and limited resources. A lot of the gurus online are pitching big ideas to big businesses and the small business is caught in the middle. At the core, they still have good advice but you’ll need to take what they say and modify it for what you do. Sometimes the difference will be slight, other times it will be massive. Not all advice should be taken equally, even this piece you’re reading right now won’t apply the same to everyone. That’s okay.
Alaskan businesses are unique on many levels. We live in an amazingly odd place and because of that, we serve wonderfully odd people. In the end, that’s who we need to reach so let’s go to them first.
We’re Mammoth Marketing and we serve businesses all over Alaska in digital and traditional marketing methods. 

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