Comedy in Advertising


I’m a big fan of humor in commercials. You’ve seen that with our ads for MACS Transit, Florcraft and Auto Trim. I believe that if you entertain the audience you’ve given them something for their time. In return, they don’t mind watching your ad. It’s a classic strategy that you see in force during the superbowl. All those big brands and companies know that a good joke, will cement their image in your brain.

However, you do need to be careful, a joke on it’s own doesn’t work. Your comedy, needs to wrapped around your product or service and then be relatable enough for anyone to understand it. I’ve seen ads with a great joke, but the connection to what was actually being sold was so thin that people didn’t remember the company that made it. That disconnect can lead to both time and money being wasted.
But when it’s done properly, it works wonders. People talk about and share your ad because you gave them a great experience, even if it was only 30 seconds long. And that’s great advertising.

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